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In the heart of Bloomfield Hills, water damage can strike unexpectedly, leaving homeowners and businesses grappling with the aftermath. The Restoration Doctor stands as your steadfast partner, offering unparalleled expertise in water damage restoration. From the initial assessment to the final touches of repair, our dedicated team works tirelessly to restore your property to its pre-damage state. We understand the emotional toll of water damage and are committed to providing swift, compassionate, and effective services, ensuring peace of mind and a seamless path to recovery.

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In the event of water damage in Bloomfield Hills or Bloomfield Township, prompt action is non-negotiable. Delays can lead to catastrophic outcomes, and insurance companies may deny claims resulting from owner negligence. Our home water damage cleanup in Bloomfield Hills, MI, operates 24/7, catering to all levels of water damage, from extensive storm destruction to issues from burst or leaking pipes. For emergency water removal, our company prioritizes thorough property inspections to ensure complete moisture and liquid eradication.
Having helped numerous families in Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills, MI, we comprehend the anxiety and fear accompanying water damage emergencies. We also recognize that you have alternatives when seeking a nearby water damage repair company. We express our gratitude for choosing The Restoration Doctor for your cleanup needs. If you’re caught in a flooding disaster, don’t hesitate to reach out immediately!

Our services include:

Promoting Secure Water Damage Cleanup, Repair, & Removal in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Handling water damage from broken pipes linked to a sewage line can be perilous and could potentially worsen the situation. Our company offers safe sewage cleanup and removal services to guarantee your safety. Raw sewage, laden with harmful bacteria, can cause illnesses, damage your belongings, and cause severe property damage. Thus, sewage removal should only be handled by equipped professionals. Our certified team has considerable experience in addressing various sewage backup cleanup and repair challenges.

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Water Damage Cleanup Bloomfield Hills MIWater Removal Bloomfield Hills MI
Water Damage Restoration Bloomfield Hills MIWater Damage Repair Bloomfield Hills MI


From Our Customers

Man, hard to put in words how great the docs are! They responded fast in recent need to water in a lower level. In a time of panic their team was fast and advised me what to do and not. They cleaned up a house mess and got us back to normal life very fast. All I could ask for when others wouldn’t even answer the phone! Amazing group of people from the top down!

- Matt B.

Best customer service I’ve ever experienced! The distress from water damage was quickly relieved by their fast response and quality work. These are now the only people I will ever call for restoration.

- Duncan T.

I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent service. The technician was extremely prompt both times he came and a very nice person. Not only did he eradicate our mild infestation but he did so in a very respectful and non-intrusive manner. He made us relax about the problem and gave us all the useful knowledge that we needed to ensure that we cleared them out effectively. A real credit to your company.

- Kimberly V.

Had sump failure in my basement the guys at restoration doctor came over got it all cleaned up and smelling fresh fast.They were clean professional and honest Eric is a great guy !!

- Simon Z.

I called The Restoration Doctor in a panic. They were professional, quick and understanding. Not only did they respond to our disaster quickly, they knew the emotional strain it took on our business and were very comforting and knowledgeable, giving us peace of mind through the process. Thank you again for a job well done and for making our office safe again.

- Cathryn B.

Used Restoration Doctor during part of my basement refinishing. They were prompt, respectful and thorough. Provided a compatible quote with quality work. I would highly recommend using the Restoration Doctor.

- Chris S.

To say the Restoration Doctor did an amazing job is an understatement. Not only did they restore my house within the promised time frame, they also did all the work of dealing with my insurance. Thanks for everything.

- Sally R.

Extremely thankful for The Restoration Doctor’s sense of urgency to help resolve water damage from a heavy rainfall. The situation was alleviated quickly and the reassurance I felt is unforgettable. THANK YOU!

- Jess T.

Overall great experience. Won’t recommend or use a different company. Thank you very much for taking care of us.

- Nick D

The Restoration Doctors came out within 1 hr and resolved all of our issues. They were great to work with. My basement is back to normal. Thanks again guys for everything!!

- Joe S.

Would highly recommend The Restoration Doctors. They do great quality work and make the process a lot easier and smooth. Thanks again to Eric and his team!

- Stephanie A.

The Restoration Doctor assisted me after a pipe break in my home. My entire house was a mess and their team came out to help during a very stressful time. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helped put me at ease. They got my house and life back to normal in no time! Thank you Eric & everyone at The Restoration Doctor! I highly recommend calling them.

- Mike S.

Water Damage Restoration Company Bloomfield Hills MI

Dealing with Frozen and Burst Pipes During Winter in Bloomfield Hills MI

The harsh winter season in Bloomfield Hills, MI can lead to an array of water damage concerns that can leave homeowners perplexed and distressed. The frigid temperatures coupled with high winds that drive the wind chill below freezing can cause water pipes to burst especially those lacking proper insulation.

Homes left vacant without proper regulation of heat or poorly insulated walls are common culprits of frozen water pipes and lines, resulting in the need for restoration services. Broken pipes can also contribute to water damage, resulting in gallons of water flooding through living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The winter season causes water heaters to work harder than usual, leading to potential leaks and malfunctions that can cause extensive water damage. This time of year can be particularly devastating for emergency situations in Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township, MI.

With over a quarter of a million American homes experiencing damage due to frozen or burst pipes each year, it’s important to seek professional assistance immediately if you’re facing water damage or any other flooding. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can start the cleanup process as soon as possible.

Bloomfield Hills MI Basement Water Damage Cleanup

Flooding in basements can be triggered by numerous internal and external factors. Being the lowest part of a house, basements are usually the first to flood during water-related emergencies. Heavy rainfall can saturate the ground, causing leaks and cracks in the basement.

Basements are also vulnerable to frozen, broken, and burst pipes due to the contrasting pressures and temperatures within. Moreover, hidden moisture can foster mold and mildew growth, damaging your stored items. If you’re facing a basement flood and require water damage repair, contact our water damage restoration company in Bloomfield, MI immediately.

Our goal is to identify and handle basement water removal swiftly and thoroughly.

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Our restoration specialists are proficient in handling a variety of emergencies in Bloomfield Hills or Bloomfield Township, MI. Whether it’s damage from leaky or broken pipes, frozen pipe water damage, overflow from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, or dishwashers, air conditioner leaks, sump pump failure, or hardwood floor water damage, we’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive water damage services also include complete carpet and hardwood floor drying in your home or basement. Trust us to handle your water damage concerns with expertise and efficiency. We’re always ready to assist you in an emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact us when in need of our services.

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The Restoration Doctor utilizes advanced technology in the water damage repair field, ensuring swift water removal in three hours or less. Our commitment to excellence extends to our water damage cleanup team in Bloomfield Hills, MI, who consistently enhance their service offerings.

We ensure ongoing employee training, testing, and certification, in addition to staying updated on the latest techniques. This commitment to continuous learning and high standards has earned us the trust of insurance agents and adjusters.

Furthermore, The Restoration Doctor conducts regular drug tests on all employees and continues to provide ongoing team training to keep abreast of the latest water removal techniques. We employ only the most qualified and well-trained personnel in the industry to ensure that our clients receive top-notch service.

We provide services throughout Bloomfield Hills MI, including 48304.

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