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Mold Damage

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Complete Mold Removal

There are many different reasons why there could be mold growing your home or business: leaking pipes, poor ventilation, flood waters from a severe storm – the list goes on. A lot of the time you may not even know you have a mold issue because it’s not in plain sight. Whatever is causing the issue, mold grows and thrives in moist, humid conditions.

It’s important that all residential and commercial property owners know that it doesn’t take long for mold to grow and spread throughout the property – usually it only takes a day or two. The mold releases spores into the air that act as seeds for the mold to propagate more, and these spores use any air currents as a means to travel about. They leave behind small colonies on every surface they come into contact with. Due to the speed at which mold can grow and spread throughout the property, it’s vital to call in an expert to completely clean and remove any mold growth you find in your home or business.

The Restoration Doctor achieves this with our tried and tested mold removal process that includes:

  • Flood Cleanup & Water Removal
  • Drying
  • Mold Cleanup & Removal
  • Sanitation
  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction

Our methods are guaranteed to remove any mold in your home,  giving you peace of mind and a healthier environment to live or work in.

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Get the Facts to Keep Your Family from Breathing Toxic Mold

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  • Pre-Testing

    In many cases our pre-testing work can determine no IEP test is needed, saving you big $$$. Call (586) 522-4922 for your FREE EVALUATION! We’re saving customers like you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary IEP inspections and mold remediation costs. That’s why The Restoration Doctor is a trusted name in the metro area!

  • IEP (Independent Environmental Professional) Inspection

    This is the process for very specialized mold testing, and the results lay the foundation for the exact road map and specs for your project and full mold remediation that’s 100% guaranteed.

  • Scope Of Work

    The IEP report is perfectly drafted into a detailed plan of action using proven and state-of-the-art techniques that have proven to attack and successfully remove your mold completely and for good.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    We use the most advanced mold removal equipment in Southeast Michigan for full elimination, 100% guaranteed!

  • Post-Testing

    The Restoration Doctor has never failed a post-test! Enough said; well not quite. In the event there is any problem we will re-do your entire mold removal work absolutely free!

Safe & Professional Mold Removal Services

Our proven mold removal is the most effective mold removal and mold prevention service available in Michigan. With rising cases of asthma and other critical health problems, you don’t just want mold removed. Cleaning even a small area of mildew or mold growth, you can create an airborne mold issue within your home and spread it fast! To prevent the spread of dangerous mold, it’s in your best interest to hire a certified mold removal company that specializes in this line of work.

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From Our Customers

Best customer service I’ve ever experienced! The distress from water damage was quickly relieved by their fast response and quality work. These are now the only people I will ever call for restoration.

- Duncan T.

Would highly recommend The Restoration Doctors. They do great quality work and make the process a lot easier and smooth. Thanks again to Eric and his team!

- Stephanie A.

Had sump failure in my basement the guys at restoration doctor came over got it all cleaned up and smelling fresh fast.They were clean professional and honest Eric is a great guy !!

- Simon Z.

Man, hard to put in words how great the docs are! They responded fast in recent need to water in a lower level. In a time of panic their team was fast and advised me what to do and not. They cleaned up a house mess and got us back to normal life very fast. All I could ask for when others wouldn’t even answer the phone! Amazing group of people from the top down!

- Matt B.

The Restoration Doctor assisted me after a pipe break in my home. My entire house was a mess and their team came out to help during a very stressful time. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helped put me at ease. They got my house and life back to normal in no time! Thank you Eric & everyone at The Restoration Doctor! I highly recommend calling them.

- Mike S.

To say the Restoration Doctor did an amazing job is an understatement. Not only did they restore my house within the promised time frame, they also did all the work of dealing with my insurance. Thanks for everything.

- Sally R.

I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent service. The technician was extremely prompt both times he came and a very nice person. Not only did he eradicate our mild infestation but he did so in a very respectful and non-intrusive manner. He made us relax about the problem and gave us all the useful knowledge that we needed to ensure that we cleared them out effectively. A real credit to your company.

- Kimberly V.

Extremely thankful for The Restoration Doctor’s sense of urgency to help resolve water damage from a heavy rainfall. The situation was alleviated quickly and the reassurance I felt is unforgettable. THANK YOU!

- Jess T.

The Restoration Doctors came out within 1 hr and resolved all of our issues. They were great to work with. My basement is back to normal. Thanks again guys for everything!!

- Joe S.

Overall great experience. Won’t recommend or use a different company. Thank you very much for taking care of us.

- Nick D

I called The Restoration Doctor in a panic. They were professional, quick and understanding. Not only did they respond to our disaster quickly, they knew the emotional strain it took on our business and were very comforting and knowledgeable, giving us peace of mind through the process. Thank you again for a job well done and for making our office safe again.

- Cathryn B.

Used Restoration Doctor during part of my basement refinishing. They were prompt, respectful and thorough. Provided a compatible quote with quality work. I would highly recommend using the Restoration Doctor.

- Chris S.

More Reasons To Use

The Restoration Doctor

The Restoration Doctor uses the latest technology in the water damage restoration industry to ensure that you receive super fast water removal in 3 hours or less. To continue to improve upon our water cleanup team regularly does the following:

  • Institute regular testing and certifications for all employees.
  • Conduct training sessions for our employees to ensure we stay up to date with all techniques.
  • Recommended by insurance agents and adjusters because of our great reputation and training
  • Performs regular drug testing on all employees
  • Conducts on-going team training to stay current on all flood removal techniques
  • Uses only the most qualified and best trained personnel in the industry

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