Restoring what Matters Most with Rapid Water Cleanup


When you experience water damage, you must act as quickly as possible. Waiting to decide what to do can result in disastrous consequences. Insurance companies will often not cover damage that is caused by delay on the part of the property owner.

We do all repairs needed for any type of water damage emergency, including

  • Broken, frozen and leaky pipes
  • Leaky air conditioning units
  • Toilet and sink overflow
  • Warped hardwood floors
  • Malfunctioning appliances including dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines
  • Storm damage
  • Complete carpet and hardwood floor drying
  • Sewage damage cleanup
  • Sewer removal

We are on call 24/7 with a water removal specialist available around the clock. We guarantee water removal in three hours or less, an average of 3 times faster than our competitors. By responding quickly to water damage in your home, you can reduce the overall cost of the restoration project.


Flooded Basement Cleanup Finished In 3 hours Or Less Guaranteed

The biggest mistake people make regarding water damage is not getting all the water out right away, causing bigger problems and costing you more money. The longer you wait, the more damage to your home. The faster we get to work the lower your cost!

Sewage Damage Cleanup & Removal

The Restoration Doctor also specializes in sewage damage cleanup and removal. Raw sewage is extremely dangerous and contains high amounts of harmful bacteria. There are serious health risks associated with sewage backups. Black water has the potential to cause extreme damage. Only a trained professional, equipped with the right equipment, should handle sewage cleanup and removal. 

Our Certified Restoration Specialists are trained to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your property’s sewage damage, minimizing the risk of health hazards or further damage. We understand the need for efficient, hassle-free restoration after a sewage catastrophe.

Don't take the risk with another company that is uninsured or unlicensed

Many of our competitors are simply construction companies disguised as flood restoration experts. Choosing a company with little experience can have disastrous consequences. Unforeseen problems can quickly arise with unqualified contractors which can cost you significantly more money in the end.