Complete Mold Removal that Guarantees the Safety of your Family

Our proven mold removal is the most effective mold removal and mold prevention service available in Michigan. With rising cases of asthma and other critical health problems, you don’t just want mold removed. Cleaning even a small area of mildew or mold growth you can create an airborne mold issue within your home and spread fast! To prevent the spread of dangerous mold it’s in your best interest to hire a certified mold removal company that specializes in this line of work. 

Get the Facts to Keep Your Family from Breathing Toxic Mold

Now get FREE commercial-grade air fresheners plus FREE high-tech natural air scrubbers from The Restoration Doctor. 5 GUARANTEED STEPS FOR COMPLETE MOLD REMOVAL ON ALL SURFACES AND IN YOUR AIR:


In many cases our pre-testing work can determine no IEP test is needed, saving you big $$$… Call (586) 522-4922 for your FREE EVALUATION! We’re saving customers like you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary IEP inspections and mold remediation costs.That’s why ‘The Restoration Doctor’ is a trusted name in the metro area!

IEP (Independent Environmental Professional) Inspection 

This is the process for very specialized mold testing, and the results lay the foundation for the exact road map and specs for your project and full mold remediation that’s 100% guaranteed.

Scope Of Work

The IEP report is perfectly drafted into a detailed plan of attack using proven and state-of- the- art techniques that have proven to attack and successfully remove your mold completely and for good.

100% Guaranteed

We use the most advanced mold removal equipment in Southeast Michigan for full elimination, 100% guaranteed! 


The Restoration Doctor has never failed a post-test! Enough said, well not quite. In the event there is any problem we will re-do your entire mold removal work absolutely free!